Business & Industry

Certain market sectors require a specific level of service and will accept nothing less. OCS is aware of the sensitivity and confidential nature of the business environment, where time is money.

All the services we offer are designed to support your business, enabling your staff to function at their optimum levels. Whether your business location is a corporate head office, a trading floor or a call centre, we can bespoke the most appropriate range of services.

The provision of M&E and cleaning are core parts of our service, but often only a small part of what we offer. We can also offer services such as asset auditing and inventory solutions and FM Consultancy, all with built in cost savings and practical solutions to contain your carbon footprint.

In a manufacturing or industrial environment it's vital that facilities run smoothly to ensure you never have to suffer from down time. From pharmaceutical laboratories and large scale manufacturing plants such as TPI Polene, to food processing sites, OCS has the expertise needed to support your business with all your non-core support service needs including the hygienic washroom solutions and effective pest management.

We are committed to delivering the most environmentally friendly, value for money solutions, which means that you receive a cost effective service that ticks all the right environmental boxes.

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