Increasing Your Profits

Our value to clients lies in the methods we employ to reduce costs, and so boost your bottom line. That's why we think Smart. Our 'lean techniques' such as our unique CleanSmart™ service are modelled around clients' needs and designed to bring down real costs at the same time as improving quality.

We can also help reduce stock shrinkage and costs and provide a Total Facilities Management service which delivers significant economies of scale. Put simply, we do more, with less by thinking Smart.

Case Study: The Goldfields, Western Australia

The Requirement:

Mobile service delivery in the rugged outback. Maintenance of exceptional safety standards and minimised operational environmental and social impact. The mining community requires versatile service providers who use local labour and can provide flexibility as the industry expands and contracts under differing economic conditions.

The OCS Approach:

We provide multi-skilled, highly mobile teams, a labour force that can flex with client demand and that has recognised qualifications in asset and facilities management.

The Sustainable Solution:

By adopting global best practice, including safety 'toolbox talks' and our policy of combining health and safety with quality and environment training, an experienced, safety conscious workforce delivers services with due consideration for the environment.

The Client Benefits: 

Local community sustainability through OCS using labour drawn from local town staff pools; cost efficiencies through multi-skilled and fully trained staff carrying out the full range of tasks in a single visit to a remote site and the flexibility to increase or decrease staff numbers and services subject to client need at any point in time.

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