Employing Talent

We are committed to providing an environment where our people want to give their best. Our training programmes not only equip our people with the skills needed to deliver best-in-class services, they also help them develop outstanding careers within OCS.

Mobile Skills

The key for OCS is to continue to build a bank of mobile talent to support the provision of international facilities services in any part of the world. Already, staff from the UK are working in Thailand, New Zealand, Cambodia and Germany, while staff from Australia and Thailand are supporting projects in China, the Middle East and the UK.

Training and Development

In every part of the world where we operate, training and development starts from an employee's first day with OCS.

For the past three years in the UK over 2,500 employees have achieved nationally recognised qualifications. We have been delivering apprenticeships to UK employees using external providers. Current plans are for OCS to deliver an end-to-end apprentice product for existing and new employees through an OCS Academy.

In Thailand our grading system consists of six development levels designed to help a new employee step up the career ladder to supervisor level. 

In New Zealand the primary skills training programme used to develop and recognise staff skills is the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved Level 2 Certificate administered by the Building Services Contractors Industry Training Organisation. In Australia, staff development programmes are are designed around nationally accredited, competency based training programmes. We use a private registered training organisation to assess competency and issue the national qualifications in Asset Maintenance.

Training and development programmes don't just help us achieve our corporate goal of being 'a great place to work', they are a key part of continually developing OCS worldwide.

OCS Arabia will be utilising the acclaimed Zahid Learning Centre to deliver it's employee training programmes in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam, as well as a Saudi facilities management course to encourage Saudi's into the FM sector.

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