Environmental sustainability is a global challenge which we embrace in all of our operations throughout the world. As well as reducing our own carbon footprint, we are constantly striving to find ways of working which help you reduce your business's environmental impact.

Please click on the following link to download our latest Sustainability Report: OCS-Sustainability Review 2013

Examples of our current activities in this area include:

Waste management

In our UK hygiene operation, over 90 per cent of all returning washroom products are sent to be recycled or reused and this is being replicated around our global sites. We have also invested in Envirocomp; the world's first composting alternative to landfill for nappies and feminine hygiene waste. A single plant has the capacity to compost around 60,000 nappies per day, reducing 3,650 tonnes of unnecessary organic waste entering landfill each year; that equates to 21.9 million nappies per year!


Many of our catering operations use Fair Trade and Red Tractor ethically sourced products. Packaging is recycled and waste food turned into compost. In the UK, our catering teams send their used cooking oil to be converted to bio-diesel.


We have introduced sustainable end-to-end processes which include:

  • Waste minimisation through re-cycling and re-use
  • Use of enzyme cleaning products and ionised water
  • Reduction in numbers and types of chemicals
  • Changing working patterns to optimise resource use and minimise use of energy
  • Lean engineered processes to increase efficiency and avoid duplication of effort

All these processes come together within our CleanSmart™ solution – a sustainable development project that has brought economic, environmental and social benefits to the business and to the staff engaged in it.

Environmental Management

The ISO 14001:2004 compliant environmental management system has been implemented across the full service range in the UK. Fifty locations have now been registered, including five in mainland Europe.

In Thailand, PCS has launched a 'reduce energy consumption' programme in the workplace and this is being extended to client sites. 

In New Zealand, OCS has acquired Envirocomp; the world's first composting alternative to nappy and feminine hygiene waste resulting in landfill. This technology is now being extended throughout our regions.

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