Supporting Wellbeing

The promotion of wellbeing among staff and visitors provides an environment where people give of their best. By providing secure, clean and pleasant surroundings and taking care of creature comforts such as healthy eating and plant displays, as well as quality, hygienic washrooms, we strive to make their world a better place to work

Case Study: Dublin Airport Authority, Ireland

The Requirement:

Delivering an Enhanced Passenger Service. Dublin Airport Authority's vision is to deliver a quality airport travel experience to the best international standards. We have aligned our goals and the delivery of our range of aviation support services with the authority's strategy to ensure that its vision becomes a reality.

The OCS Approach:

In 2008 OCS was awarded a contract for the provision of services to passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) at Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports. With international experience of providing PRM services we were able to introduce bespoke software tailored to the needs of each airport to monitor, control and deliver the service. We have subsequently been awarded additional contracts including terminal cleaning, queue management, VIP porterage and hold baggage screening. Since then, we have identified a number of further opportunities to increase the benefits to the DAA and now also provide Cannon Hygiene products and specialist services including high-level internal and external cleaning.

The Sustainable Solution:

We set out to offer the best service possible and installed bespoke software to monitor passengers and their needs throughout the airport experience. We continually sought to improve every aspect and involved airport management and staff in developing procedures.

The Client Benefits:

A strong cultural fit and a single team ethos has developed between OCS and the DAA as we have expanded the service range. We now have an unrivalled local infrastructure in place and are able to flex to meet any unexpected demand, ensuring passengers travelling through the airport enjoy their experience.

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