Increasing Efficiency and Innovation

While innovation is at the core of the company, we also strive to harness existing technology to improve the way we provide services to support your business. That's why we employ world class Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems, including 'active' site management, which helps us to monitor and respond to your needs constantly, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. It facilitates remote data capture via PDAs, delivering up-to-the-minute, accurate on-site reporting. It also provides more sophisticated management information with analysis, trends and real-time data, helping to make better-qualified, faster decisions

Case Study: Harrow International School, Thailand 

The Requirement:

Harrow International School is one of the leading schools in Thailand, with a reputation for excellence and a large campus spread over 37 acres. The school needed to form a dependable partnership with a supplier who could provide a total facilities management package across its entire estate. It also needed a supplier who could offer flexibility in its support levels during school holiday periods, so as to provide cost efficiencies.

The OCS Approach:

The delivery strategy was approached on two levels, considering both human and technological elements. We structured our teams to enable us to become a true partner to the school management. Our on-site manager reports directly to the headmaster, allowing us to play a key role in the school management team. To ensure best-in-class delivery, we monitor all aspects of contract performance using web-based CAFM software to control activities and provide performance reports to the school management team. During the recent floods. we worked closely as a single team, often sharing emergency accommodation to mitigate the disaster and accelerate the recovery period.

The Sustainable Solution:

To supply not only a single point of contact, but also an integral member of the school management team to ensure objectives are clear, priorities understood and objectives achieved. Our multi-skilled staff deliver a fully integrated service comprising; 24-hour security (including CCTV monitoring), car parking and traffic management control, 'hard' services including mechanical and electrical, cleaning, swimming pool maintenance, lift service, pest control, grounds maintenance, landscaping and washroom hygiene services.

The Client Benefits:

Cost–efficiencies from multi-skilling, an integrated management structure, the ability to transfer staff to ad-hoc activities to meet unscheduled client requirements and client visibility of performance standards via CAFM software. The flexibility of staff structure is designed to cope with the peaks and troughs of demand and has saved the school eight per cent in security costs and nine per cent in janitorial costs.

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