Washroom Hygiene

No matter how big or small your business, your washrooms tell a story. Cannon Hygiene offers a full range of high quality washroom products including air fresheners, feminine hygiene units, hand dryers, soap dispensers and sanitizing systems. At Cannon Hygiene, it's not about product. It's about service.

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine hygiene is where Cannon's business began. Our disposal service fully meets the need for something other than simply flushing waste down the toilet or placing it in a waste bin. For you it provides the safeguard of knowing that health, social and environmental concerns have been dealt with satisfactorily - but more importantly - legally. For women, we provide a clean, safe, hands-free system.

activapAll our units contain Activap™, a unique chemical free germicide to render the waste harmless to individuals and safe for our environment.


Sanitisers should be an integral part of any modern washroom and our automated unit eliminates odours from the toilet bowl and urinal and works to keep pipes clear from scale build up and uric acid, keeping maintenance and replacement costs to a minimum.

Hand Drying

From large-scale washrooms where there is a high throughput of people to the single private washroom, Cannon has a hand drying product to suit. We understand that individuals have specific preferences when it comes to drying hands. Many prefer traditional roll towels, others want disposable paper hand towels and some feel more comfortable with air hand dryers.

IMG_0296Infra Red Soap/Hand Rub Dispensing Unit

Our Infra Red, Hands Free Unit is ideal for dispensing soaps or alcohol hand rub. Hands free operation makes the unit easier to use and reduces the risk of cross infection. For medical facilities, the bottle and silicone dispensing tube are thoroughly disinfected on each service call.

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